I love the way the brush meets the canvas and a painting begins to materialise.

In conversation with Velten Wagner (Head  of the Municipal Museum of Engen, Germany)

Velten Wagner: The first thing that stands out about your painting is the perfectly staged female motifs. Self-confident yet fragile women who look directly at the viewer. Women who could be from fashion magazines, or avatars of perfect artificiality. If ambiguity plays such a big role in your work, then why those flawless user interfaces?

Sandra Ackermann: These women tell the story of our society, our image of society, our social model. This social model is very much based on surfaces, externals, images and suggested reality. “Reality is not the truth” – is the title of one of my pictures and somehow a motto of our social and personal illusion. We are no longer what we are, but what we want to appear as. The fragility which shines through in spite of all perfection is the ambivalent moment and the connection to our emotion and intuition, to what is, but does not seem to be reproduced in our optimized media world.