Atelier Sandra Ackermann

For 20 years my artistic practice has evolved around monitoring and reflecting the media profile our society creates of itself.

My media are painting, drawing and collage.

I research fashion, lifestyle, architecture and design to detect trends and also observe global political developments. I scan my environment to combine my findings into an emotional visual reflection.

Some of my work directly relates to society-wide issues like the finacial crisis, the refuge crisis, digitalisation, the London riots and the beginning of the Ukraine war. Other parts of my work look at more subtle socio-cultural tendencies such as isolation, disrupted personal spaces or inner-personal conflicts that feed from increasingly more complex realities.

The core aspects of my work revolves around the question of what reality actually is and what is the real truth.

I question what is individually sensed, what is socially noticeable, what is depicted in the media and what is stored in our memory.

“Deaf in Silence”

“Deaf in Silence”, Oil on Canvas, 160x140cm, 2014

I painted this painting in the face of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the Russian support of the armed separatist movement in eastern Ukraine.

I saddens me deeply how current this painting seems today.



“…Sandra Ackermann’ s pintings are created in such a way that they endure the tension between pain and poetry.
The contradictions are not resolved because they are what bring the figures to life.
Sandra’ s Paintings are profoundly ambivalent. They are beautiful and ugly, timelessly terrestrial, tenderly fragile and inexorable.
Her paintings are cold yet full of internal music.
They dream on the hard floor of reality…” Dr. Velten Wagner

Last update 27.03.2023