Atelier Sandra Ackermann


My artistic work deals with the ambivalence of being.

It depicts a feeling of lostness,
in a world in which reality and truth drift ever more apart.

New Painting

Symbiotic Creature in Denial

140x140cm, Oil on Canvas, 2023

Nude not Naket – pinned down

180x140cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022

Sandra Ackermann, Tender Brutalism Master, 170x140cm, Öl auf Leinwand, 2023

Tender Brutalism

170x140cm, Oil on Canvas, 2023

New Work On Paper

Mixed Media Drawing on Paper, 2023


“…Sandra Ackermann’ s pintings are created in such a way that they endure the tension between pain and poetry.
The contradictions are not resolved because they are what bring the figures to life.
Sandra’ s Paintings are profoundly ambivalent. They are beautiful and ugly, timelessly terrestrial, tenderly fragile and inexorable.
Her paintings are cold yet full of internal music.
They dream on the hard floor of reality…” Dr. Velten Wagner

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