Atelier Sandra Ackermann

For 20 years my artistic practice has evolved around monitoring and reflecting the media profile our society creates of itself.

My media are painting, drawing and collage.

I research fashion, lifestyle, architecture and design to detect trends and also observe global political developments. I scan my environment to combine my findings into an emotional visual reflection.

Some of my work directly relates to society-wide issues like the finacial crisis, the refuge crisis, digitalisation, the London riots and the beginning of the Ukraine war. Other parts of my work look at more subtle socio-cultural tendencies such as isolation, disrupted personal spaces or inner-personal conflicts that feed from increasingly more complex realities.

The core aspects of my work revolves around the question of what reality actually is and what is the real truth.

I question what is individually sensed, what is socially noticeable, what is depicted in the media and what is stored in our memory.

Latest work


Finally a date has been set for the long awaited solo-show at Gallery Reiners Contemporary Art.

The exhibition had to be postponed several times because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


S A N D R A   A C K E R M A N N

Preview 23. September 2020
25. September to 02. November 2020

Gallery Reiners Contemporary Art, Marbella, Spain

Marbella Aussetllung Einladung

Last update 16.09.2020